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Since the 3rd industrial revolution of 1969 which has placed electronics and IT firmly and irreversibly on the map of human advancements we have seen the rapid and impactful development of a cluster of technologies which together have changed our business and private world beyond recognition. The technological capabilities of the new millennium are unprecedented and set to continue in rapid growth. This bright reality has enchanted us with possibilities but equally distracted us from fundamentals and basic principles of business success that do not depend on technology but everything else. This series of webinars aims to refocus business priorities to the many other factors which, if unattended, are likely to undermine the promise of success that technology places within our grasp. The series covers three main themes: latest thinking in business, digitisation for industry 4.0 and aligning technology with society and the planet. Each theme is explored in depth by three webinars on a specific topic, ranging from complexity and design thinking to neuroscience, data science and AI, to global challenges and opportunities for business to achieve success by doing what is good for society and the planet.

Who is this for:


  • Business directors, owners, leaders and managers
  • Technical and functional specialists
  • Business strategists and O/D consultants
  • Business investors and portfolio managers
  • Business mentors and coaches



The series provides a clear and holistic view of the many facets of digital business transformation and related technologies. It helps decision makers and implementers, to formulate sound and customised critical business decisions and translate enterprise specific solutions in their practice.

The Roundtable Hosts

A Professor and a Polymath host this series of nine roundtables which covers three connected themes;
Complexity, design thinking, wicked problems and the 4th industrial,
Digitising Industry 4.0: Data, AI and Robotics and what can they do for business,
The business case for harmonising technology and Industry 4.0 with society and the environment.

Adina Tarry

Adina Tarry

An experienced CTO and CEO working across a number of industry sectors including Financial Services, Retail, and Media. Over 25 years expertise of global change programmes delivering complex technical transformations including Enterprise Scaled AI delivery and commercialisation.

► Founder & Group CEO of the Wisdom Works Group, a Deep Tech AI company focused on building the next generation of AI Platform to support the scaled deployment of intelligent technologies across multiple industry sectors including Medical, Retail, and Financial applications. We also provide AI consultancy services for those businesses looking to start their AI adoption journey. Our team is highly experienced practitioners with both decades of industry delivery as well as deep technical knowledge

Adina Tarry is a polymath thinker and practitioner, digital transformation and O/D consultant, business psychologist, master coach, visiting lecturer, author and speaker.  

In her first career Adina worked internationally and gained expertise in most aspects of global value chains from procurement to distribution, international logistics, manufacturing, project management, quality management, audit (ISO, CMM) with dynamic innovative organisations such as IBM, Alcatel, Johnson&Johnson and Bristol Myers Squibb; contributing to delivery of technology based products and solutions. She has also worked with SMEs in the fashion industry. 

In her current career Adina focuses on developing organisations large and small, supporting new leadership and culture to leverage digital technologies and adapt to broader societal and ecological demands. In recent years Adina has also worked with start ups and young entrepreneurs of the future as a mentor, coach and consultant. 

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