Information Age : Using AI to grow your business and create enterprise value

by | 29 Sep, 2020

Our Founder was one of five AI experts quoted in the recent article in Information Age on using AI to grow your business and create enterprise value.

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Businesses are not yet using AI widely

Businesses will need to produce an intelligence or knowledge fabric that spans across the entire enterprise. Using AI and machine learning to inform all aspects of the business value chain and operations. This knowledge fabric will essentially create the enterprise mind, informing business decisions, helping to spot new opportunities and ensuring the operations are efficient, robust and resilient to the dynamic environment that this pandemic is generating.

New Products and Services – not just operational efficiencies and customer service

There is a natural tendency to use AI to simply enhance existing processes and procedures, improving efficiencies and operational quality. While this will add some improvement to the bottom line, it is an approach that is limited in its potential benefits. Rather, CEOs, CIOs and CTOs should be looking to explore new products and services that are only possible with the significant application of Artificial Intelligence capabilities. These new opportunities will augment the current offerings and will provide the potential for large scale growth due the level of automation and efficiencies built into the new services from day one.

AI is the driving force of Innovation for all businesses

Innovation is key to producing sustainable business growth, allowing new opportunities to be exploited and therefore creating business differentiation. As with all previous industrial revolutions, todays innovations are grounded in the latest technology advances and Artificial Intelligence is no doubt the driving force with all innovations happening at the moment. Every business needs to be tech savvy and leverage the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Automation to deliver extraordinary growth and differentiation.

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